Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! When you have The Team package, you can upload and record videos, pdfs and all the other formats of media and use them in your practices or personal messages! You can add them in “Media” -section from the menu.

Yes, the conversations happen in the “Thread” -section from the menu. In there you can send text, animations or videos to anyone in your team. Players can also answer in animations and send them to each other!

Amount of users is limited by your subscription package:

  • The Coach 1 user
  • The Coaching Staff 3 users
  • The Team 50 users

Coaches and players can be in as many teams as they want!

You can invite them through the “Users” -section in menu, or by sharing the invite code which you can see at the dashboard. When coaches or players register and they put in the token they are automatically attached to your team.

Not yet! We are working with that functionality and it should be available soon!